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Marvel Comic Last Fantastic Four Story
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The Last Fantastic Four Story

Back to the good old heydays of Marvel! It's as if the '60s are back with a bang when Stan Lee confronts us with dusty and corny dialogue in his Last Fantastic Four story. And John Romita jr. is eager to please fans of the 1st and 2nd generation too, letting Galactus proudly pose with arms akimbo and the big infamous G on his purple-costumed chest! Wow! That's almost too much for this hardcore Marvel Fanboy to bear, but the dynamic duo of Lee & Romita top even that with a melancholic guest appearance of your friendly cosmic neighborhood Silver Surfer. And the Avengers! And yes, your favorite Asgardian (with one "s") doth speak in our loved (loathed) pseudo-Elizabethan English ...

It's truly a feast for sore Marvel-Zombie eyes flipping through those well drawn pages in the regular sketchy Romity jr. style and, while our eyes and hearts are buried deep in nostalgic shockwaves, we find the peace of mind to welcome good old Stan the Man's extremely "marvelous" manners of speach.

Here's a few examples that make whole universes tremble with terror. (Doctor Doom) "Planet Earth must be mine to pillage and rule! I'll cede that right to no one else -- be he man or alien!" (Cap) "The true test of a warrior is fighting when there seems to be no hope!" (Thor) "There is ever hope whilst life endures!" (The Vision) "What better way to die than to do so for a cause!" (Notice the exclamation marks! Stan's signature indeed!)

And by the way -- we get a new silly "bad guy" too, mind you! His name: The Adjudicator!

Plus: the FF fight side by side with our favorite Eater of Worlds: Galactus! Therefore our sincere advice: Eat at Galactus' fastfood corner just at the left end of the universe. And most important of all: Buy this comic book because it's really worth the look & the read! Nostalgia pure mixed with that warm feeling that some of the sparkling innocence of the 1960s is still alive at Marvel!

Captain Collector

Thor - The Black Galaxy Saga

Created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz, this 1990 run of The Mighty Thor (issues 419 - 425) has got it all: the Watcher, the High Evolutionary, the Avengers, Thor clones in abundance, Earth-bound courtroom drama, and the birth of a Celestial! Frenz was a Jack Kirby freak, so the art's dead-on cool. And Joe Sinnot's inking make some panels look like straight-up, authentic Kirby. Frenz even gives us "Kirby Krackles" -- those bubbly, black dots that signify explosions, energy surges and/or outer-space phenomena.

"The Black Galaxy Saga" is what Marvel comics looked like before they hit their "dark age" period in the mid-'90s. This is exciting, readable stuff. Unfortunately, it was never put out as a trade. You can, however, find copies on eBay, or, if you're lucky, at your friendly neighborhood comic shop.

The Trade Paperback Kid

Planet Hulk

No, that's not Planet of the Apes you're looking at. It's Planet Hulk. A nice change if you needed a break from Marvel's mega-event Civil War. Writer Greg Pak and artist Carlo Pagulayan teamed up for a dozen and more issues to tell the exploits of Conan (Hulk) the Green on an alien planet.

The "crime" of the Illuminati to shoot the Hulk into space gave this creative team the chance to tell a tale of pure fantasy of epic proportions in an exotic environment completely detached from the hectic and sometimes all too realistic events of the metahuman Civil War.

The Hulk goes through the classic carreer of other famous sword-wielders of fantasy and becomes gladiator, warrior, renegade, usurper and finally king. A green Conan indeed! He even gets the chance to exchange blows with the Surfer himself in the arena of the red king. Planet Hulk - well written and solidly drawn. With fantastic covers by Ladrönn! Check out the single issues or read the first hardback.

Captain Collector

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