Silver Star (Pacific) and Fear Itself (Marvel)

Silver Star
Silver Star No. 3

Fear Itself

I'm a fan of Matt Fraction's Casanova comics, and Stuart Immonen's penciling is always zing-y. So how did Fear Itself go so wrong? Is this what fans really want? And do the head honchos over at Disney/Marvel honestly believe this garbage is acceptable? The Fear Itself story line (Avengers, Nazis, Asgardians, etc., etc.) could have been told in two issues.

Or better yet: not told at all.

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I refer to this series as Crap Itself. If you don't, why don't you?

Silver Star (PC Comics, 1983)

Jack Kirby's '70s output for Marvel and DC was fun, but often badly written. (Some fans say the Kirby-Royer '70s pencils and inks were crap, but I love that stuff.) The New Gods and Kamandi were poorly conceived but visually luxurious. Marvel's Eternals and the Cap/Falcon comics were God-awful, yet genuinely inspired.

I recently acquired original copies of Kirby's Silver Star, which ended with issue six. I expected them to be unreadable ... almost laughable.

Listen, folks: they're brilliant. After years of reading super-hero comics and thinking about my favorite characters, I think I've finally found the ultimate hero, and his name is Silver Star.

Basically, he's a mutant (homo-geneticus) and he can do damn near anything. But it's a fascinating kind of "anything" ... a distillation of all of Jack Kirby's best ideas into one astoundingly powerful (yet interesting) mutant named Morgan Miller.

Maybe this Kirby comic's readable because it was co-written with Steve Sherman. (Silver Star was originally conceived as a movie, the screenplay-writing duties being shared by Kirby and Sherman; the movie never got made.)

Anyhow, if you can't find the original issues of Silver Star, you can easily find reprints. Dynamite Entertainment's doing another launch of the character, thank heaven. Busiek's writing, so it can't go wrong.

I'm quite enamored with Silver Star, so we'll review the Dynamite issues as soon as they arrive. Until then, stay tuned . . . .

Brett Davidson

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